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Lowla's Progress

December 10, 2013

Lowla is home and rattling the rafters! Click and listen to her new exhaust!

Featured Parts

38-1133 billet grille set-4mm 1 View Part
38-3981 grille molding-upper/lower 2 View Part
38-3432 grille emblem-"BOWTIE"-red 1 View Part
37-0341 LED tail light-red 2 View Part
36-4362 back-up light assembly-LH 1 View Part
36-4363 back-up light assembly-RH 1 View Part
36-4368 tail light housing 2 View Part
38-9540-T front fender-complete-LH 1 View Part
38-9541-T front fender-complete-RH 1 View Part
38-3448 Glove Box Emblem "CHEVROLET" 1 View Part

More Featured Parts

38-7142 Oak Bedwood kit 1 View Part
38-8439 Speed Bump Bed Strip Kit 1 View Part
38-4871 Chrome Steering Column 1 View Part
38-9888 Premium Rear Bumper w/Cutouts 1 View Part
38-6832 Blunt Exhaust Tip-Stainless-2 1/2" 2 View Part
30-3706 Chrome Rear License Panel 1 View Part
38-7998-LL Digital LED Dash Cluster w/clock 1 View Part
38-9591 Tailgate "CHEVROLET" Repro 1 View Part
32-5929 Rear Mount Gas Tank Kit-Top Fill 1 View Part

June 12, 2013

Lowla's Sand Blasted Cab

Lowla's interior is coming together really smooth. Check out those Kick Panel Speakers, part 38-8520 . Also the "Retro Sound" head unit, part 38-8574. We'll be jammin' soon!

Paint Preview

Check her out in all silver, but stay tuned, as we are not done laying down the paint just yet.

May 22, 2013

Low-La's Sand Blasted Frame

Lowla has had her frame blasted and is getting ready for some primer and paint. With the frame down to the bare metal you can really see what a great job Stacey David did shortening the frame. Watch her transformation as she comes back to life before your very eyes.

Low-La's Sand Blasted Cab

What a difference a day makes! She's "Back in Black".

April 23, 2013

Low-La's Sand Blasted Cab

Lowla's cab has been blasted and some new chrome wheels just arrived from LMC Truck. Max and Mike check out the new wheels while Bill goes on a test drive.

April 8, 2013

Lowla's frame-off restoration is under way and off to a good start at Possum Holler Garage.

Low-La at the Possum Holler Garage Low-La at the Possum Holler Garage

April 2, 2013

Using LMC Truck parts, Stacey modified our '67 Chevy and relocated the gas tank from the cab to the bed. One of the easiest and cheapest truck modifications you can do to an old truck!

1967-72 Gas Tank Components

Gas Tank Kit
32-5929 gas tank kit-17 gal 1 View Part
32-1948 3/8" fuel line hose-2' long 2 View Part
32-3352 gas filler hose kit-w/clamps 1 View Part
32-5803 fuel filler-polished-pop up 1 View Part
38-7621 fuel neck filler panel 1 View Part
32-3499 aluminum fuel line-3/8" 1 View Part
32-5816 gas tank anti-squeak kit 1 View Part
30-1748 fuel line clip set-8pc 1 View Part

March 19, 2013

Stacey David chopping Lowla's bed.

The 1967-72 Shortbed pickups are some of the most sought-after classic trucks. Although they are in high demand, they are in short supply. Since Longbeds are cheaper and easier to find, Stacey David has a solution to this problem. Chop the Longbed down!

Using LMC Truck parts, Stacey modified our '67 Chevy Longbed into a Shortbed truck. Be sure to watch!

Brake Parts

34-3828 intermediate brake cable 1 View Part
37-8467 rear disc brake kit-12" 1 View Part

Body & Suspension Components

30-1174 complete mounting kit-86pc 1 View Part
34-1250 control arm assy-w/bushing 2 View Part

Bed Wood

38-7135 bed cross sill-Wood Bed 3 View Part
38-7284 bed reinforcement strip 1 View Part
38-7285 rear cross sill-Wood Bed 1 View Part
38-7142 Bed Wood kit-oak (shortbed) 1 View Part
38-8439 bed strip kit-speed bump 1 View Part
30-1006 bed/frame mount kit-PSS-40pc 1 View Part
30-1194 bedside hardware kit-PSS 1 View Part

Bed Panel

38-9511 front bed panel (wood bed) 1 View Part
30-0273 bolt 4 View Part
30-0626 lock washer 10 View Part
30-0262 bolt 6 View Part
30-0845 nut 6 View Part
38-9632-T bedside-shortbed-LH 1 View Part
38-9633-T bedside-shortbed-RH 1 View Part
38-7611 wheel housing 2 View Part
30-0571 bolt-w/washer head 14 View Part


38-9591 tailgate "chevrolet" repro 1 View Part
38-6731 tailgate component kit 1 View Part
30-0228 bolt w/washer 8 View Part
30-0230 bolt w/washer 4 View Part
30-0507 screw-black 2 View Part
30-0534 screw-pan head phillips 3 View Part
30-0656 flat washer 3 View Part
30-1618 clip-tailgate rod 2 View Part
30-1811 tailgate bumper-lower 2 View Part
30-1889 latch rod insulators-set of 2 1 View Part
38-3851 tailgate bumper-upper 2 View Part


36-4362 backup light assembly-LH 1 View Part
36-4363 backup light assembly-RH 1 View Part
37-0341 LED tail light-red 2 View Part
36-0520 tail light gasket 2 View Part
36-4368 tail light housing 2 View Part
30-0443 screw 4 View Part
30-0548 screw-tail light housing 4 View Part
30-0908 j nut-tail light housing 4 View Part

January 31, 2013

Name This ’67 Chevy!
Congratulations to Lisa D. from Texas on submitting the winning name: Lowla!

Thank you to everyone who submitted names. It was a difficult decision with a lot of creative names!